| T E A C H E R |

Innovative, engaging, creative educator with classroom instruction, cultural immersion facilitation, and wilderness experience. Experience in classroom teaching, global and international education, teacher training, and expeditionary learning coaching. Proponent of inquiry-based instruction including problem- and project-based learning.

| L E A R N E R |

Masters of Education in International Education through Endicott College. Licensed K-7 Teacher in British Columbia. Background in biology and research at the University of Minnesota, Morris. Avid reader and sometimes-consistent blogger of all things education and innovation.

| T R A V E L E R |

Global educator in Nepal, India, Guatemala, and Peru. Graduate student in Madrid, Spain and Leysin, Switzerland. Teacher trainer across the U.S. and Canada. World wayfarer. Currently anchored in Vancouver, British Columbia.

| A N D  M O R E . . . |

Looking to connect and collaborate with creatives, dreamers, trailblazers, and the magically minded.